Welcome to the AURORA Cancer Discovery manuscript data sharing website

This web site provides instructions to access the data from the AURORA manuscript published in Cancer Discovery (Aftimos et al, Genomic and transcriptomic analyses of breast cancer primaries and matched metastases in AURORA, the Breast International Group (BIG) molecular screening initiative), hereafter named "the AURORA manuscript data", in a way that preserves the privacy of patients and complies with the relevant laws and regulations including the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
Data is available for the 375 patients studied in the manuscript. A description of the available data can be found here

How to access the AURORA manuscript data to reproduce the manuscript findings?

Processed data is readily available for the purpose of reproducing the analyses of the manuscript. No condition is attached to the access to data for this purpose besides compliance with to the applicable laws and regulations. In order to get access to the data you must return a signed copy of the Data Transfer Agreement (DTA) for reproducibilty to aurora.researchproposals@bigagainstbc.org
There are two different DTAs depending on whether you are based inside or outside of the European Economic Area:
DTA for reproducibility for countries inside of the European Economic Area
DTA for reproducibility for countries outside of the European Economic Area

How to access the AURORA manuscript data to perform original research?

We welcome applications to use the AURORA manuscript data (processed data and, if necessary, the corresponding raw molecular data) to perform original research in oncology and cancer research. Initial enquiries for data access for research can be addressed to aurora.researchproposals@bigagainstbc.org. Access to the data will be granted upon review of a project proposal (for scientific and clinical relevance and feasibility) and endorsement by the study Steering Committee, and after entering into an appropriate DTA subject to applicable laws.
The application form for research proposals and the reviewers evaluation form are here:
Research proposal application form
Research proposal evaluation form for reviewers
The corresponding DTAs can be found here:
DTA for research for countries inside of the European Economic Area
DTA for research for countries outside of the European Economic Area
Publications based on the AURORA manuscript data must comply with the AURORA Policy for Access, but this document must not be signed separately as it is included in the DTA as an appendix. For your convenience, the AURORA Policy for Access is available separately here:
AURORA policy for access
An Investigator access fee of 7486 € per research proposal will be requested to all researchers to access the Study Data.
The researcher will need to foresee the payment of an access fee, to cover the cost of the management of the RPP, the preparation of the data sets, and the transfer of data/samples. Enquiries on the access fee can also be sent to aurora.researchproposals@bigagainstbc.org