AURORA is an international, academic research programme that uses molecular screening technology to decode the genetic characteristics of a tumour and identify the changes (genetic aberrations) that drive disease evolution over time, in patients with recurrent or locally relapsed metastatic breast cancer. It is addressing an important unmet medical need in metastatic breast cancer, for which current treatment options are limited and are usually based on the clinical-pathological characteristics of the primary tumour rather than on the characteristics of the tumour once it has spread.
By analysing the molecular profile of pre-collected tissue from the primary tumour, and comparing it to tissue from the metastatic tumour and blood samples, scientists involved in AURORA aim to follow disease evolution over time and better understand the biological events driving cancer progression. They also hope to uncover the various mechanisms of resistance or response to standard treatments and targeted therapies. AURORA could open new treatment strategies leading to prolonged disease control in patients affected by metastatic breast cancer.
AURORA is made possible in part by generous grants from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF), Fondation Cancer (Luxembourg), National Lottery (Belgium), NIF Foundation, Barrie and Deena Webb, Candriam, Fondation Futur 21, Sogerim, Think Pink Belgium (SMART Fund) and many individual donors. AURORA has also been supported by the Fund Friends of BIG, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.
More info on AURORA can be found here