Working groups

In order to help researchers to define research questions that are not grossly overlapping with the ongoing analyses, we provide a list of the working groups currently active with a short, non-exhaustive summary of the research question they address. For more details please contact
Hormone Receptor Positive WG
to identify the genomic and clinical differences between early and late relapsing HR+ breast cancers
Fusion Genes WG
to characterize the landscape of gene fusions in paired primary and metastatic samples and to integrate these data with available genomics data
to characterize the evolutionary history of metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer
De Novo Metastatic BC WG
to characterize the clinical, genomic, and transcriptomic landscape of de novo metastatic breast cancer
Lobular WG
to compare the genomic and transcriptomic landscape between metastases from patients with invasive lobular cancer and invasive ductal cancers
CDK4/6i WG
to validate previously reported prognostic biomarkers in patients being treated with CDK4/6 inhibitors in the metastatic setting
Immune WG
to describe the immune landscape in metastatic lesions and to compare this to immune response in the primary tumors
RNA Editing WG
to determine if RNA editing is more prevalent or different in metastatic than in early BC
Cancer and aging WG
to determine if there are some age-related genomic/transcriptomic/stromal features of the tumor or other age-related blood biomarkers that are associated with disease outcome.